DIY Paneled Mermaid Skirt Tutorial: Part 1 – Pattern Making


Today I would like to share with you a tutorial on making your own Paneled Mermaid Skirt. Too often those paneled mermaid skirt  sold at the store are too tight at hip area and comes with a standard size that fits S or M. That’s a bad news for a plus size woman like me or for those who prefer loose attire. I bought one for my size last year at AEON and it costed me RM80. That’s quite expensive realizing that I could make it on my own with cost of 40-50% of that. Last Raya I had made two of this skirt for myself and one for my sister.

We celebrated Aidilfitri 2013 this year at Muar. My aunts and cousins are all impressed of the skirt and insisted on learning to make it so they could sew for their own daughters. So I had a 30 minutes demo session teaching them on making the pattern. It was an ad-hoc teaching session and we had fun.  I am dividing the tutorial into several parts. Now let’s learn how to make the pattern from scratch.

Panel Mermaid Skirt Tutorial-Part 1-2

Panel Mermaid Skirt Tutorial-Part 1-3

Panel Mermaid Skirt Tutorial-Part 1-4

Panel Mermaid Skirt Tutorial-Part 1-5
Panel Mermaid Skirt Tutorial-Part 1-6

Sample measurement used for the tutorial yields a 6 panel skirt as worn and displayed in the first page photo. Thanks to my sister, Alang, for being my model :) That’s her Raya outfit with combination of peplum with paneled mermaid skirt.

Right click here to save the .pdf file of the tutorial. I’ll see you in next part on cutting and sewing the fabric.

DIY Paneled Mermaid Skirt Tutorial Series:
Part 1 – Pattern Making
Part 2 – Cutting the Fabric
Part 3 – Sewing the Skirt

  • Fara Dilot

    hebat nye tutorial nihhhhhhhhh

    • Helyanti Hamdan

      thanks lot. aku baru nk edit ni. ade typo sket..

  • deeya

    Terima kasih untuk tutorial ni..grafik menarik dan mudah difahami..

    • Helyanti Hamdan

      thanks deeya. hope you make a pretty skirt :)

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  • Syahirah Abd Aziz

    Sis.. kalau nak fit kat peha tu kan, nnti pattern die nk start lekuk kat 9 tu dari mana ye?

    • Helyanti Hamdan

      Hi syahirah. Dlm pelan tu (8) tu adalah 2 inci atas dr lutut..pastu amik pembaris yg curve tu buat lekuk kat 9 tu. kalau nk naikkan tempat start kembang tu boleh la kurangkan jarak (3-8).

      kalau nk fit lagi kat peha tu, kurangkan siket jarak antara (8-9) tu, measure dulu la keliling peha near lutut tu kang nk jalan x boleh pulak ketat sgt. Hope this helps.

      • Syahirah Abd Aziz

        Thank you sis. Lagi satu soalan, kalau sy x mau letak getah and nk letak zip je, kene buat dart lah kan kat pinggang?

        • Helyanti Hamdan

          Then (3-4) tu ikot size pinggang.. tp agak2 dlm 8″-10″ bawah dr (3-4) tu kene ikot size pinggul..

        • Helyanti Hamdan

          Then (3-4) tu ikot size pinggang.. tp agak2 dlm 8″-10″ bawah dr (3-4) tu kene ikot size pinggul..

        • Helyanti Hamdan

          Alamak syahirah.. lupe pulak, pattern dlm gmbr kat bawah ni bawah boleh guna utk part belakang badan sahaja, part depan badan kita flat.. nak senang buat dart je la on pattern yg asal :)

  • arDeB

    Thank you for this Great tutorial with amazing illustrations (y)
    Keep doing this kind of tutorial (y)
    Best wishes :)

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